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iGlow(R) Gel and Glow Sand

"I wanted to say that my wife and I used your hair gel this past weekend
for our halloween costumes and it was totally awesome!   I was
completely impressed with the ease of use, brightness and long-lasting
This is great stuff!"...  Aaron
"Your customer service response is remarkable!  My questions and
concerns were handled via e-mail in less than six hours, and my product
shipped immediately (arriving in time for Halloween, as I hoped).  Thanks
for your hard work!"... John
"Very fast and friendly customer service. Excellent order process and I
received my order within a few days. Great place to buy."... Jacob
"This stuff is awesome, and needs to be available in stores."... Susanna
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iGlow Hair Gel
Great New Colors!
Add stunning glow in the
dark effects to your hair to
brighten up your next
Night-time Party, Concert
or Holiday celebration
effects to your Hair,
order iGlow Hair Gel Here
With iGlow, you are not "tied" to a light source to show off your
glow in the dark effects...
Unlike the other glow in the dark products that rely on UV/Black lights or other
methods to create the glow
, iGlow creates its own light.

You are free to go anywhere you want... indoors or out... including outdoor concerts,
night clubs, fireworks displays...anyplace where there is night-time fun.

"How easy is it to use?"...  
It's Very Easy...just open the two packets, mix together and apply.  The glow
lasts for 4-6 hours. It washes off with normal shampoo or soap.
 For additional
styling techniques, check out "Hints and Tips".

iGlow has been
clinically tested safe for use on both hair and skin.
Glow in the Dark gadgets have been around for years... glow sticks, necklaces, bracelets...
"Been there, done that."

iGlow is the first product that
gives you the ability to safely and easily create your own
special effects, either as part of a new hair style or as body decoration.  Way Cool!  

iGlow is specifically for those who like to do their own "thing", rather than being just like
everyone else in the crowd
.  You will get noticed!  

We love getting stories from customers saying how much fun they had at a party or

You'll love it too.
limited time Special Offer!
To add Glow in the dark
effects to your Hair,
order iGlow Hair Gel Here
We pride ourselves on producing high quality products and we hope that you will be
pleased with your order. Nevertheless, rest assured that you can return the product for any
reason or no reason. We want you to be 100% happy with your purchase or we will gladly
give you a full refund!
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light mix two packs together
and have fun with it. It is very
safe to put on your body or
what ever you want to do with
it and washes out with soap
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Creates Its Own Light, Without Black lightsCreates Its Own Light, Without Black lights